Our 2020 Board of Directors

President:  Jocelin Maine
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting; Master’s in Business Administration.
Extensive experience in technology; children’s/youth coordinator for various camps and churches; and fundraising. Mother of son with Type 1 Diabetes.

Vice-President: Rob Rader

Investment Division Manager for Community Bank System located in Southern Minnesota, 501(c)3 Board Member experience and committee chair experience in finance, operations, expansion, and growth. Father of daughter with Type 1 Diabetes.

Executive Director:   Rene’ Maes Jr.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management with minor in Sales, Marketing, and Management. Initial Board member for Camp Sweet Life Adventures, Inc.

Administrative Asst. and Camp Admin:   Robin Jordan

Extensive experience in HR and fundraising. Mother of son with Type 1 Diabetes.

Board Members:

  • Micah Dorfner, Communications Director with Mayo Clinic Health System. Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Master’s degree in Management.
  • Doug Lamoureux, Marketing Manager – Nidec Electric Power Generation, Kato Engineering/ Leroy-Somer. Father of son with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Dr. Robert Larson, MD with 40+ years in Pediatric Diabetes care. Completed fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology.
  • Tiffaney Styles, Bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership, is an Army veteran and is an Account Executive with KinderCare Education at Work; has extensive volunteering experience through church and youth sports; fundraising for JDRF.  Mother of a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Cheryl Loughmiller, Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and Nursing.  Experience with volunteer groups through church, school and community.  Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years and mother of 3 sons with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Ken Buckley, Doctor of Pharmacy, U of M, Pharmacy Manager at CVS.  Camp Medical Staff for 6 years.

The general administration and management of CSL, as well as a variety of youth development, parent development, and support activities, are directed by the Board of Directors and two staff members. Support and staff person is Robin Jordan and the Executive Director is Rene’ Maes Jr.