Camp Sweet Life 2023

The true cost of all our programs greatly exceeds our fees. While our true cost of overnight summer camp is almost $1,123 per camper, our 2024 fees are: Overnight Campers (ages 8 – 15)  Earlybird Overnight – $500, After April 30th Registration $625. Day Campers (Age 5 – 7) $50 per day (must attend Sunday July 28th, but can choose what other dates they would like to attend)PARTIAL AND FULL CAMPERSHIPS (SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE)

Camp Sweet Life has never turned away a child because of a family’s inability to pay. Camp Sweet Life relies on generous donors every year to keep the camp affordable. The actual cost of camp is almost $1,123 per camper. This subsidization is possible thanks to generous donations of time and money by supporting organizations and professionals. If you are interested in contributing to our campership fund, or if you want your child to attend camp but need some financial assistance, contact Rene’ Maes at 507-934-9352 or

Camp Sweet Life is open to all youth between the ages of 5-15.  Ages 5-7 may participate in day camp (chose number of days you would like your child to attend), and ages 8-15 may participate in overnight camp.

For Camp 2024 all Campers and CIT’s will use the CampView portal link to register for camp.

All registrations will be reviewed by medical staff. Camp Sweet Life does not discriminate against age, sex, creed, religion or nationality. Once camp has reached full capacity, campers will be placed on a wait list and will be notified if later accepted. Campers that have registrations completed and have been approved will be notified of their acceptance.

A pediatric endocrinologist, nurse practitioners and nurses trained in diabetes care will be overseeing your child’s diabetes and blood sugars. All small groups will have counselors that have diabetes themselves or have firsthand experience with diabetes.  All doses will be approved by camp staff before insulin is given.

The Medical Lodge is staffed with a supervising health care practitioner and several nurses for the assessment and treatment of minor bumps, scrapes, and bruises. The nurses also monitor and administer daily medications for children and teens who have prescriptions to treat conditions unrelated to diabetes. The diabetes management team is supervised by a pediatric endocrinologist. We have at least a dozen trained healthcare practitioners devoted to diabetes management and education. This means that there is usually one clinician for every 1-2 cabins. These clinicians make insulin dosage decisions in consultation with the campers and the endocrinologist. The diabetes team also includes insulin pump specialists who help with pump site changes and needs.

Each camper learns that they are not alone. Camp is focused on having fun and encouraging different levels of independence. That being said, being very active outside and playing hard often makes blood sugars fluctuate. Campers will learn about management of lows and highs within their small groups. They will real-life opportunities to help learn about their own self-management. Their counselors will also play a large role in their education.

Meal time and snacks will have carbohydrate grams clearly marked. Within their groups each camper will work their counselor and medical staff to determine their insulin dose. Current blood sugars will also be used to determine insulin doses.

We check campers’ blood sugars beginning at midnight every night and continue checking and treating per Camp Sweet Life protocol until all campers’ blood sugars are in target range. Counselors are equipped to check blood sugars if a child or a counselor believes it is warranted throughout the night.  Clinicians are nearby for assistance at any time of night.

Counselors have all been trained and our Directors all have knowledge to assist kids with home sickness. This is not uncommon, but at the end of camp kids don’t want it to end!

Camp Sweet Life has some simple rules of conduct and behavior—similar to school. If unacceptable behavior occurs, your child may be placed on a behavior contract and you will be notified. For extreme or persistent problems, you may be required to pick up your camper before the end of camp.

Yes, even if it is after the registration deadline, please contact Rene’ Maes at or 507-934-9352.   We very strongly believe that kids who have just been diagnosed benefit from meeting others who are in various stages of dealing with the diagnosis.

Yes, if your child has a pump and sensor, we encourage them to wear both to camp.  Please bring a couple extra infusion sites to camp.  Campers will be replacing pump sites while at camp.

If a camper uses a pump, they need to bring their own set and pump supplies, including any products used for pump sites. Please bring insulin. Camp Sweet Life will provide some extra insulin for emergencies. If your child wants to use their own glucometer, please bring that with, as well.  We do have ketone monitors on hand if needed.  There also is a fully equipped nurse’s station.

ALL medications and herbal or vitamin supplements must come in their original and labeled containers in order to be administered at camp. Please DO NOT send medications in medisets or baggies.

Bedwetting is a normal for many children.  High blood sugars can contribute to night time bed wetting.  Please complete their health history form completely.  It is helpful for to inform the camp staff and specific cabin counselors about how you usually handle your child’s bedwetting at home.

If you child uses an EPI pen, please bring it with to camp.  You WON’T need to pack your child’s meter, or test strips, though you will need to pack insulin, pump infusion sets and reservoirs if your child uses an insulin pump. Campers will be doing site changes while at camp.  You don’t want to pack any fancy clothes or electronics. Cell phones are fine to bring to camp if they are used for Diabetes care management. Please note that your child will NOT be allowed to text you or be on their phone for recreational use during camp.

We’ll send a confirmation email which will include a packing list and other important information a few weeks before your child’s camp session.  Camp Sweet Life is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.

By the end of camp, your camper should:

  • Be able to establish positive patterns for living with diabetes.
  • Know how to build friendships to create a social support network.
  • Have conversations or take part in activities with positive role models who are living with type 1 diabetes.
  • Attain skills for diabetes self-management.

Arts and crafts, water activities, archery, dancing, nature exploration, group games and so much more!

Yes!  Camp Sweet Life has continued adventures throughout the year.  We call them “CSL Connects”.  Our next Event is on March 17th for a Registration Party at SkyZone Edina! Please see the event page and CSL Connects tab for outings.  Events are also listed on the Camp Sweet Life Facebook page.

Please contact Rene’ at or 507-934-9352